MTG 100 Percentage Exam Ready CBSE Class 12 Book Free pdf Download


MTG 100 Percentage Exam Ready CBSE Class 12 Book Free pdf Download

Highlights Of Books:

MTG Editorial Board designed 100 Percent Exam Ready CBSE Board Term-1 Objective Question Bank Class 12 English Core to help students achieve high scores in CBSE Boards. The book emphasizes Competency-Based Education [CBE] and covers the most recent CBSE Term-1 syllabus. 

This book provides an overview of the Term-1 syllabus for both theory and practical. Every chapter starts with Recap Notes, which aid in gaining a review of the chapter. This book will help students understand the new exam format and prepare accordingly. Each chapter has 100 MCQs, Case-based MCQs and Assertion & Reasoning MCQs. Hints and explanations given for all questions help students reach correct answers faster. 

table of Content: 
SECTION-A Reading SECTION-B Writing Skills Notice Advertisement Letter Writing Article SECTION-C Literature Textbooks Flamingo (Prose) 1. The Last Lesson 2. Lost Spring 3. Deep Water Flamingo (Poetry) 1. My Mother at Sixty-six 2. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum 3. Keeping Quiet Vistas (Supplementary Reader) 1. The Third Level 2. The Enemy

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